Hymn for Trinity VIII

We continue our outdoor singing after the services this week with a hymn that stresses God’s power and might: “Give praise and glory unto God” (#287). Throughout the hymn, divine power is portrayed as merciful and protective: God’s might is not a display of sheer unlimited will, but the agency of righteousness and justice.

The hymn’s Lutheran author, Johann Jacob Schütz (1640-1690), practiced law in Frankfurt and is noted for his friendship with Philipp Jakob Spener (1635-1705), a central figure in the Pietist movement which transformed Lutheranism and later influenced John Wesley.

The tune ELBING is named for the birthplace of its composer Peter Sohren (d. c. 1693), a Lutheran cantor and music teacher.

Here is a recording of our choir-in-quarantine (each singer safely at home, recording a separate track to be mixed later. If you don’t have a Hymnal at home, you can obtain the music here.

A page with the Collect, Epistle, Gospel, and other propers for today is here. The page also includes embedded recordings of music inspired by today’s readings and poetry for this Sunday by John Keble and Christopher Wordsworth.