St. Dunstan’s Plainsong Psalter

The St. Dunstan’s Plainsong Psalter includes all elements necessary for the recitation of the Daily Offices of the classic Book of Common Prayer according to the ancient Gregorian chant tradition. It combines the English text of the Coverdale Psalter with Psalm tones from the Sarum Rite, many of which were abandoned during the development of the Western Rite. The volume employs the original “square” notation proper to Gregorian plainchant.

We are at work recording each of the Psalms and canticles as presented in the St. Dunstan’s Plainsong Psalter. A list of the Psalms by number is presented here. A list of the Psalms organized by Tone is on this page. The recordings of the Canticles made so far are on this page.

This listing presents links to pages (many still under construction) for each week in the Church year, with the Propers for that week, recordings of the Psalms appointed in the Book of Common Prayer lectionary for Morning and Evening Prayer in that week, as well as additional material about hymns and choral music correlated with the readings for that week.