Hymn for Trinity III

Next Saturday and Sunday, our after-service hymn-sing will feature a favorite hymn in our parish, “The King of Love My Shepherd Is.” By letting everyone know in advance what hymn we‘ll be singing together, families who wish to do so may teach the hymn to their children.

If you don’t have a hymnal at home, you may download a page with the music here.

I’ve also prepared some audio files that will help those of you interested in learning to sing the harmonies to this hymn, instead of just the melody.

Here is the entire hymn as recorded by our choir several weeks ago, as part of our Choir-in-Quarantine project.

Below are tracks for learning the alto, tenor, and bass parts. In each of these the organ accompaniment plays as normal, but only the voice for the part designated will be singing along with the organ. On the 6th and final stanza, all parts sing the melody, since there is an alternate harmonization which includes a special soprano descant.

Alto part
Tenor part
Bass part

Please get in touch if I can be of any help as you enjoy this hymn in the coming days.