Singing the Psalms

Learning to chant the Psalms

In our parish, the Psalms are experienced in Anglican chant settings (e.g., this setting of Psalm 51 during Lent), or in the plainsong Psalm tones that are part of the ancient Sarum Use. To guide us in this venerable way of praying the Psalms, we have been relying on the St. Dunstan’s Plainsong Psalter. You may order a copy here. For some of the pedagogical aids that we have prepared for our instruction, see this page.

Chanted and choral settings of the Psalms

Here is a list of pages that contain recordings of chanted and choral settings of the Psalms. Most of the recordings are plainchant or Anglican chant settings, but some of the settings are more elaborate choral works.

Psalms arranged by the nine Psalm tones

There are 9 psalm tones to which we chant the Psalter. On this page, the Psalms are arranged by psalm tone.