Music in our liturgy

Below are links to several pages that guide readers to historical background, commentary, recordings, and links to other resources concerning aspects of our liturgical life together.


This page includes links to pages for each Psalm, on which are presented recordings of the Psalm chanted in plainchant and/or Anglican chant. There are also in some cases embedded recordings of performances of more elaborate choral settings of the Psalm.


This page displays a list of many of the hymns we sing throughout the year, with links to pages that contain information about the text and tune of each hymn, as well as embedded recordings.


This page presents recordings of many of the canticles used in Morning and Evening Prayer, chanted in plainchant and/or Anglican chant.

Music through the Church Year

This page includes links to separate pages for each week in the Church year. Those pages in turn include the propers for use in services that week, recordings of chants for the Psalms used in the Daily Office during the week, embedded recordings of hymns, motets, and anthems tied to the liturgy of that week, and miscellaneous poetry.


The Ordinary of the Mass