Psalm 2.
Quare fremuerunt gentes?

The recording below is based on the Sarum Psalm tones as presented in the St. Dunstan’s Plainsong Psalter. It is chanted to Tone III A 4.

When viewed directly on YouTube, this video also presents commentary on the text of this Psalm.

Anglican chant setting by Heathcote Dicken Statham (1889–1973)

The Norwich Cathedral Choir sings Psalm 2 to a chant composed by Heathcote Dicken Statham (1889–1973). Michael Nicholas conducts, with Neil Taylor at the organ.

Anglican chant setting by John Bertalot (born 1931)

Below is a recording of the Choir of Exeter Cathedral singing a setting of Psalm 2 by John Bertalot, former organist at Blackburn Cathedral and Trinity Church, Princeton. The director here is Andrew Millington, and the organist is Paul Morgan.