F. Bland Tucker (1895-1984)

Born in Norfolk and a graduate of the University of Virginia (1914), F. Bland Tucker was the son of a bishop and brother of a presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. Both his mother and father descended from the First Families of Virginia. Having served as a private in a hospital of the American Expeditionary Forces in France during World War I, Tucker was ordained a deacon in the Episcopal Church in 1918 and a priest in 1920.

Tucker served as rector of St. John’s, Georgetown (Washington, DC) and of Christ Church, Savannah. Later, he worked on the committee that revised the denominational Hymnal and produced the 1940 edition from which we sing every week.

Our Hymnal includes two hymns written by Tucker and four of his translations:

As author:

  • All praise to thee, for thou, O King divine (#366)
  • Our Father, by whose name (#504)

As translator:

  • Alone thou goest forth, I Lord (#68)
  • Father, we thank thee who hast planted (#195)
  • The great Creator of the worlds (#298)
  • Master of eager youth (#362)