Thomas Tallis (1505-1585)

Thomas Tallis is one of the pre-eminent composers of the Edwardian and early Elizabethan period, in the opinion of some experts (such as Peter Phillips, director of the Tallis Scholars) one of the greatest English composers of all time. His work had a lasting influence in the development of music within the Anglican tradition, and so is a staple in our choir’s repertoire.

Scholars believe that much of the music he composed has sadly been lost, destroyed during the “cleansing” of all things liturgical during the Puritan regime in the seventeenth century.

You can read more about Tallis’s life and work in “Sacred song and the Tudors.”

Works by Thomas Tallis in the
All Saints Choir repertoire

Blessed are those that be undefiled

The God of love my Shepherd is

Hear the voice and prayer

If ye love me

In manus tuas

A new commandment

O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit

O Lord, in thee is all my trust

O sacrum convivium

Out from the deep

Purge me, O Lord, from all my sin

Remember not, O Lord God

Verily, verily, I say unto you

Audivi vocem de caelo venientem