The Psalter, Day 4

The recordings below are based
on the Sarum Psalm tones as presented
in the St. Dunstan’s Plainsong Psalter. 

Morning Prayer

Psalm 19   Cæli enarrant gloriam Dei   (Tone IV 5)

Psalm 20   Exaudiat te Dominus   (Tone III A 1)

Psalm 21   Domine, in virtute tua   (Tone VIII 2)

Evening Prayer

Psalm 22.1–19   Deus, Deus, meus, respice in me   (Tone II 1)

Psalm 22.20–32   Erue a framea, Deus   (Tonus Peregrinus A)

Psalm 23   Dominus regit me   (Tone VI A)