Hymns for Easter

Enjoy singing along with these hymns at home this Easter. If you don’t have one of our Hymnals at home, here is a pdf of the hymns included on this page. (The words sung on these recordings may differ slight from what is in our Hymnal, and all of the stanzas may not be sung.)

Jesus Christ is ris’n today (#85)

This week, each member of the All Saints choir recorded themselves in their own homes, singing the hymn with which we usually open our Easter service. The recordings were then mixed together, along with an organ track recorded by Wallace Hornady (safely in Alabama). Here is the result, in the hopes that you will sing along with us.

Hail thee, festival day (#86)

At the Lamb’s high feast we sing (#89)

He is risen, he is risen (#90)

Come, ye faithful raise the strain (#94, First Tune)

The day of resurrection (#96, First Tune)